Since we have found ourselves working from home, we have been moving around the house switching off from our main office setup depending on who needed it the most. We decided to set up a new office in our sons play room.

Since it is a playroom, we wanted to keep it small, but also protect it from, flying projectiles. We can’t exactly tell him to not have fun in his playroom. 😃

I had previously build 2 floating book shelves. This desk would go between the 2. The first problem was that the book shelves are only 11” deep; too small for a monitor, keyboard and mouse. So it would need to be about 24” from the wall. Having it extend 24” from the bookcase would make the corners by the bookshelves cramped. My solution would be to curve outwards to 24”, then back down to 11”. I figured if I cut a strip of oak 1/4” thick, I could bend it around the corners. I started with 2 3/4” pieces of oak plywood to give a bit of bulk to the desk since it will only be supported on the back and a small portion of the sides. With some water to soften the wood fibres, glue, lots of luck and every clamp I own, I managed to glue the solid oak piece to the plywood.

The next issue was to protect against flying projectiles. We purchased a 32” curved LCD monitor and I didn’t want to see it broken in the first week! I built a quick monitor stand to hide the keyboard and mouse when not in use, then a oak panel to protect the monitor.

My wife is very happy with the results. The bent oak turned out better then I hoped, and it tucks away nicely.