Our city recently switched to rolling garbage and recycling containers. They are great, but take up quite a bit of room in our garage… my workshop.

I have unsuccessfully tried to move them outside previously, but I succeeded in convincing my wife to move them outside after an exceptionally smelly garbage week. Our plan was to build a storage shed for them.

We first looked for a store bought version, but our recycling bin is rather large and most wouldn’t fit. We found one for $650! I thought I could do it much cheaper and better construction.

I used pressure treated 2x4s and fence boards for this task. It took me around 2 days to construct everything. I made the frame inside my workshop and moved it to the backyard for assembly and attaching the fence boards.

The top opens for placing the garbage and recycling inside the bins, then the front for removal of the bins in garbage day. The lid is a bit heavy to hold while you put the garbage in, so I attached 2 pieces of wood to swing up and hold the lid open. Very happy with the results. Now I just have to rig up some bungee cords to open the lid when I open the top of the shed. 😃