Next up in our quest to convert all our furniture to solid Oak was a coffee table. I have made a coffee table previously for the living room, but the stain on that table is better suited for our basement. We also wanted a coffee table that matched our recent pieces of living room furniture with no stain, the 1 1/2″ thick oak sides and top and a 30 degree chamfer on the top. On a personal lazy note, I wanted this table to be 4″ above the ground so our Roomba could go under it and clean under the table for me. πŸ™‚


The bottom shelf was attached with a sliding dovetail joint to give a nice look from the front/back. The top was attached with a few loose tenons on each side with the middle one glued in to keep the top on.


We are very happy with this table. There is a lot of storage under the top without a drawer, which works out well with the bins we use for our son’s toys. We found we didn’t use the previous drawers, so omitted them from this design.