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Picnic Table

Now that we are cooking outside so much, I thought a picnic table would be a good idea. I looked for a plan, but ended up using the picnic table in a This Old House YouTube video.

I made the whole picnic table out of pressure treated lumber so I do not have to do any maintenance on it. The top is 8 feet long, and a little over 3 feet wide.

Very happy with this outdoor project and looking forward to many years of enjoying this!

Outdoor Pizza Oven!

Last fall, I came across a video on YouTube about an outdoor wood fire pizza oven. It looked so cool. You can cook more than pizza in it, but they are generally sold as pizza ovens.

We decided to buy one over the winter, but waited until March to order one. These ovens are HEAVY and I did not want to move it more then I have to.

We needed a cover for the pizza oven, so I started researching wooden stands. I found a design I liked and modified it for the space we have.

I made a 4โ€™x6โ€™ stand with a small concrete counter top attached. The base is made with 2×6 pressure treated to support the weight. I liked the idea of it being 100% cedar on the exterior, so I used cedar shingles for the roof! The concrete countertop was made with some red concrete dye so it blended in with the look of the cedar. The doors underneath is used for wood for the oven.

This brick oven is amazing and we love everything we have had in it so far!

First pizza!
Cooking a beef roast with some applewood!