In our Living Room, we don’t have a convenient place to plug-in our laptops or phones/tablets when sitting on the couch. Like any well planned outlet location, it is behind the couch. πŸ™

Fast forward to one weekend when browsing r/Woodworking on reddit, I found someone who made a small 4-6″ sofa table. I thought that could be a great way to get some outlet space by our couch.

I purchased 3 outlet/USB combo boxes on Amazon that plug into an outlet. I milled up 2 oak boards for the project and gave the top the same 45 degree chamfer profile as the bookcase and entertainment unit I just build. Not many people will notice it, but it is a nice way to have everything blend together.

The unit is screwed to the wall with some small 90 degree angle brackets so it won’t move when someone sits on the couch. We love this piece and adds something that has been missing from our living room. USB charging ports! πŸ˜‚