In a quest to Oakify every piece of my house, we decided it would be nice to have some extra counter space and a place to hide our recycling. After some measuring, we decided on a simple 16×20 mobile island, but would mainly stay stationary.

We decided to order a piece of granite for the top. We always wanted a granite counter top in our kitchen. We went and picked out a piece from cut offs a local counter top dealer had. It was $250, which was a little steep for me, but we still went through with the purchase.

Since it is mobile, I wanted the back to be solid oak as well. Since it is a fairly small project, Milling the lumber only took a day to do.

Since it is on the smaller side, it can be a bit tipsy if you are not careful. To help we installed a latch to hold it up against the wall when not in use.

Overall we are very happy with the results. The bottom is a pull out drawer for our recycling and the top is an extra drawer for our kitchen utensils. I did learn a couple things from this cabinet. I’m not a huge fan of granite countertops. And cheap drawer slides suck, and I had to buy better ones after installing.