One item on our to do list for a while has been a plant stand for a living room. I’ve seen some stands that leaned up against the wall and really liked it. I measured the space in our living room where it would go and set out trying to get the appropriate angles for the stand.

The stand is made out of white ash with oak plywood, very similar to other projects we have at our house. I put an inch and a quarter piece of Ash around each plywood to give a lip so the pots can’t slide off.

I wanted each shelf to go directly back to the wall so the pots could not fall off the back. After getting some test pieces cut I realized that the bottom shelf was too deep and did not look right. The bottom two shelves are approximately 14″ deep and the top approximately 6″ deep.

After it was assembled and sanded my wife stained the wood with the same colour of stain we’ve used on other projects.

For this project I wanted to try out my new HVLP spray gun my wife bought me for my birthday. It is the Fuji semi-pro 2 HVLP spray system. I’ve done some research online and decided my first attempt was going to be spraying lacquer. Using the spray gun was very fun and I am very happy with the results. I am not a huge fan of brushing on finish so I see myself using this for most if not all projects going forward. I wouldn’t mind trying out different finishes to see how they spray though.

After it was finished I brought it into the living room and screwed it onto the wall from underneath using pocket holes. It is very secure. We found some coloured pots at Home Depot and decided to switch all of our plans to that style of pots.

We are very happy to have this project completed and we love the way it looks and the extra space from not having our plants all over the living room but in one stand.