A project that has been on my to-do list for a while now has been a pair of book shelves for our Office. We had a wall cabinet made out of oak left downstairs when we bought the house and we moved it into our Office a few years ago. It looked pretty bare on the wall and thought some book shelves on each side would look nice.

I previously built a large cabinet for our hallway by our back door to store some outdoor equipment and misc. items. It was basically a book shelf with doors, so I thought I would do the same for these book shelves. I bought some Oak plywood for the case and had some Ash hardwood on hand to use for the face frame since Ask looks very similar to Oak.

I had an issue where I could not store 1 container in my entry way cabinet so I thought I would try out adjustable shelving for these book cases. That way I could always adjust the height in the future. I bought a Kreg shelf pin jig and was very happy with the result. I bought a second one to attach to the first after I was done because I thought it would be easier if I didn’t have to keep on moving the jig as much. I plan on using it again on my mitre saw station whenever I get back to it to complete the shelves and drawers.

One thing that is great about making adjustable shelving instead of fixed shelves is that it is significantly lighter. I only had to put a top, middle and bottom shelf in place to hold it together so I was able to move these around by myself and didn’t need to get help to bring it around when finishing or installing.

I did some test pieces to see how dark our regular stain would look compared to the existing cabinet. It was a little darker, but we thought we would still go with that stain. (The picture actually makes it look significantly darker, but that it not the case)

When installing the book shelves I decided to mount them on the wall over the baseboard trim instead of building a base for it to sit on. Since it is made very sturdy out of plywood and solid wood I had no concerns mounting the book shelves over the base board on the wall. that way it will be easy to clean underneath in the future.

Very happy with the results and how rewarding it is to have a custom made cabinet that fits the space perfectly.