I’ve always wanted to build a small cabinet beside the door leading into the garage. Pain, stains and glues shouldn’t really be exposed to near feeezing temperatures as it decreases their lifespan. This year my wife suggested a cabinet there to store our garding stuff that has been sitting on an old TV tray table we had. So after some discussion we decided on a large cabinet. This cabinet is 8 feet tall and almost 4 feet wide (about 42″). Why almost? Because at 48″ our door to the back yard would hit the cabinet.  🙂

The cabinet itself is made out of 3 sheets of 3/4″ Oak plywood. I used plywood for the sides, shelves and back. I know 3/4″ plywood on the back is way more then required, but it was only $50 a sheet due to a sale. 1/2″ Oak plywood was $70 a sheet. I trimmed the front faceframe, shelves and doors with Ash hardwood. It looks very similar to Oak and I still have quite a bit on hand from a previous purchase.

The cabinet was finished with Minwax Golden Oak stain, and then polyurethane. This was a very large project to finish, so I enlisted the help of my apprentice (my Wife Roseanne). I think she did an excellent job.

I built the cabinet on a base 5 1.2″ above the floor. That way it can sit flush against the wall above the baseboards. I screwed the cabinet to the wall so for extra support. This thing isn’t going anywhere!

Due to it’s location (in a hallway), I can’t really take a decent picture of it directly facing the unit. So here is a picture of the completed cabinet installed, a picture with it standing up without doors on awaiting installation, as well as laying down on my assembly table with doors installed.

Very happy with the results. (And thanks to my brother to help move this beast into palce!)


Finished Cabinet



Cabinet Laying down

Cabinet without doors