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Solid Oak Floating Shelf

The last request from my wife for Christmas was to have an oak floating shelf above our bed. This was a fairly easy task as I only had to find a piece of oak big enough for the shelf. I found a board with the final dimensions of 47″ Wide X 5″ Deep X 1 1/4″ Thick. I used some floating shelf brackets from LeeValley. I applied the same finish as our new living room set and it turned out great. We put a picture of our son on the shelf and will add other items in the near future.


Solid Wood End Tables

After finishing the coffee table for my wife for her birthday at the end of November I got started right away on the matching end tables. I knew I was going to go right to the end since it took me a month to build the coffee table and now essentially have 2 more to build. I finished on December 24th at about 3:00pm after sanding my final coat of varnish smooth. Just in time leave for Christmas Eve supper at my Brother’s and Sister-in-Law’s home.

The design is the same with the exception of shrinking the legs down slightly since the table is 24″x24″ instead of 48″x24″.