I picked up an oscillating spindle/belt sander this summer for a great price. Always wanted one, and it works very well. The problem was I rarely used it because I had no table space for it. So it sat on the floor of my shop collecting dust. I saw a flip top stand on an episode of The Woodpecker on YouTube and I knew that is what I wanted to build. His was built out of 2x4s if I recall correctly, and I wanted something out of plywood. I found a video/article online about one very similar to the one I had in my head.

Using the pictures as a guide I designed one that would hold the 2 tools I wanted to use on it keeping in mind that I wanted the output of the plainer to be the same height as my workbench to use as an out feed table if necessary. I also added 1 drawer on the bottom that can be pulled out and accessed from either side. I cut all the pieces to size, cut a groove with a core box bit on my router table down the centre of both pieces of the top (2 x 3/4″ birch plywood), and glued in a 1/2″ piece of metal rod I bought at Home Depot. I used some purple heart hardwood to hold the ends in case there is a need for added structure and strength at that point. I put some paste wax in the holes receiving the metal rod to make it slide easily. I am very happy with the results. I can now use both tools very easily and hook up the power and dust collection after I have selected my tool. I secured the power cords to the top to prevent them from getting caught in the flipping mechanism and use a short extension cord to plug in the tool when needed. I also use a quick set hose clamp to secure my dust collection when I am ready that I picked up at Woodcraft.

If it isn’t easy to attach, I probably wouldn’t use it that often.

Here is a video of it in action….