At our home we have a digital picture frame that we bought after our wedding to display the pictures we have of our special day. It is a great way to display pictures that would otherwise be left on a hard drive somewhere rarely looked at again. We wanted another picture frame to display more pictures, but I didn’t like the cost for the size you get. I think our original picture frame was $180, and relatively small. I was surprised that the price range was relatively the same for a small digital picture frame. The largest Best Buy had was 18.5″ for $250! I thought of using a small computer to display the pictures on a monitor instead to get a larger display. After some research I found the following link which talks about using a Raspberry Pi, a very small and cheap computer running Linux as a digital picture frame.

After the monitor was mounted on the wall and working, I started building a frame to make it look nice. I first measured how wide my frame should be in order to hide the black bars on either side when displaying a landscape picture full screen. I then went to home depot and bought a piece of trim that would work.

I built the frame using my mitre sled I built from plans available on Woodworking for Mere Mortals.

After that I used some scrap wood to brace the frame on the wall in front of the monitor. I also added a piece of Oak on either side to finish the look so you can’t see the mount and Pi behind the monitor. I am very happy with the results.

Here is a breakdown on how much I spent:
Monitor Mount & HDMI Cable: $30 @
Raspberry Pi with power adapter, case, Micro SD Card: $50
27″ Monitor: $99
($180 and I already have a very large digital picture frame!)
Trim from Home Depot: $50
Total Investment: $220

27" Digital Picture Frame with Oak Trim

27″ Digital Picture Frame with Oak Trim