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Picture Frame

Earlier on in the year I was offered a left over piece of trim from my Sister-in-Law’s kitchen renovation. It was birch with a cherry stain. I didn’t know what to do with it at the time, but figured I would find a use for it. When Christmas came around I realized what would be the perfect use for it. A picture frame for my Sister-in-Law.

I built the frame using my mitre sled I built from plans available on Woodworking for Mere Mortals.

Here is the end result installed at my Sister-in-Law’s home.

Birch trim with cherry finish picture frame

Birch Trim with Cherry Finish

Growth Chart Ruler

I decided to make a growth chart ruler as a Christmas gift after seeing a YouTube video by April Wilkerson. It used a single pine board and a wood burner to create the numbers and notches. I never used a wood burner before, but liked the idea of trying it out. I bought a wood burner from Amazon and a 3″ stencil set from Michaels and got to work on the ruler.

Overall, it was a fairly easy project; just time consuming with all the notches that have to be made. After finishing the pine growth chart my wife wanted me to build another one out of oak. My neighbour was generous enough to give me a beautiful piece of oak for the project. The oak was definitely harder to work with and required more time on each mark to leave a burn mark. After I was finished with the oak ruler I stained it to match the oak trim in our house. I also applied a coat of spray lacquer, but I don’t think that was necessary.

The pine could be easily marked with a pen or pencil. The oak required a marker because the pen marks hardly shown up so we opted for a silver marker to show the marks.

Here is a link to April’s written tutorial on the project as well as her YouTube video.

Oak and Pine Growth Chart

Oak and Pine Growth Chart