I’ve been busy lately building a deck in our front yard. It is all finished now, and I wanted to build some things to put on it. Like a bench, a small end table to go in between my 2 chairs, and a flower planter box to sit on the front of the deck.

I found the plans for a bench and followed the structure part of the plans, then used our composite decking left over to make it look similar to our deck. You can find the plans here:


Deck Bench

Deck bench made out of composite decking with pressure treated structure.

The flower planter box was designed by me. We wanted something to hang on the front edge of the deck. I came up with the idea of having the box sit on the last 2 3/8″ of the deck, then hang over the front. I have it secured to the railing so it doesn’t fall forward. It is wrapped with the composite fascia boards I had left over so it matches the deck.

Composite Deck with a custom built flower planter

Composite Deck with a custom built flower planter