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End Grain Cutting Board

This is what I wanted to do as soon as I got my tools. I bought some purpleheart and hard maple to build an end grain cutting board.  It was a challenge to get everything glued up and aligned properly, but I think I did fairly well and I’m happy with the end results. When it was completed I coated it in mineral oil and bees wax to protect it.

End Grain Cutting Board

Purpleheart and Hard Maple End Grain Cutting Board


I got the idea for this from The Wood Whisperer, but changed it up a bit to get a different design.

Magazine Rack – First Project with new equipment

It wasn’t long before I wanted to start building something. I wanted a place to store my woodworking magazines while I am in the garage/work shop, so a magazine rack was an easy choice for a first project.

Oak magazine Rack

Oak magazine Rack

I made this out of some Oak boards that were left in the garage and shed from the previous owner.

I got the plans for this from The Wood Whisperer: