I was given the idea to start a blog to make it easier to share my experiences and creations with everyone, so here is my new blog!

On Wednesday August the 28th I finally received my tools. After about 2 1/2 weeks of waiting! All of my equipment I bought, other then my Bosch 12″ Gliding Compound Mitre Saw, are made by General International.

First up, my 2HP 10″ cabinet saw. The cabinet saw had 2 heavy cast iron extension wings that I had to attach and make perfectly level with the main cast iron top. And then everything had to be aligned and tuned up.

General International 50-200R M1 2HP 10" Cabinet Saw

General International 50-200R M1 2HP 10″ Cabinet Saw

My 6″ Jointer. The jointer took the most amount of time to set up as the blades and table had to be alined. The initial setup probably took an hour, then I noticed it wasn’t perfectly aligned, so I spent about another hour, or two aligning everything. A third test shown another misalinemnent, so I spent another hour, or two alinging everything. I think I got it now. πŸ™‚

General International 6" Jointer

General International 6″ Jointer

13″ Helical Suface Planer:

General International 13" Helical Planer

General International 13″ Helical Planer

And finally, my 2HP 1550cfm dust collector with a 1 micron canister filter:

General International 2HP 1550 cfm Dust Collection

General International 2HP 1550 cfm Dust Collection

And this is the layout I decided on for my work shop.

My tools setup and ready to go

My tools setup and ready to go

I’m having a lot of fun, and have a lot of things that I would like to build. I’m sure I will be talking to everyone regularly with updates on my next projects.